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Considered the benchmark in U.S. wine festivals, the Paso Robles-based Hospice du Rhône takes place over a three-day period, involving events like seminars, tastings, an auction, and gourmet meals. From its modest beginnings in 1993 as The Viognier Guild, HdR is the brainchild of local vintner, Mat Garretson. Originally envisioned as a conference of sorts for winemakers and vintners who were passionate about wine varietals originating from the Rhône Valley in France, HdR was destined to become a watershed event, as international winemakers came to celebrate Rhône wines with other enthusiasts.The photos on these five pages are from the 2006 event, and offer a look at just some of the sights from the festival.

The Syrah Shootout, (this page) is a closed event held at Villa Creek restaurant, that pits winemaker against winemaker in a blind tasting of each other's wines.

The prize: an increasingly gauche coat (see below), dubbed the Coat du Rhône, as well as bragging rights - at least until the next year's event. Upper left : the winners.

Top Right  : bagged bottles of nearly 50 wines stood at six different locations. Above & Right  : it's beer o'clock, as winemakers gather for a pre-Syrah beer or two before beginning the tasting. They do say that it takes a lot of beer to make wine. Right : All ready with his entries.
Top : last beer. Above : the famous Coat du Rhône. Below Left : winemakers Matt Ortman, Terry Culton, Eric Mohseni, and Seth Kunin test their palates. Below Right : previous winner, Susan Neel from McCrea Cellars goes through the lineup.
Left : Peter Work samples some Syrah. Below : Larry Schaffer (c). Bottom : Former winner Jeff Cohen finds something he likes. Ron Rawlinson announces the winners.

2007 HdR : Syrah Shootout | the Seminars | the Auction Lots | Photo Journal
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