Travelogue : England & France - 2005
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Above Left & Right : village of Beuzeville-au-Plain, where plane #66, a C-47 crashed, killing all aboard. The paratroopers were carrying phosphorus bombs, and the plane burned with tremendous heat for many hours.-- Below Left : Site of the crash was on the other side of the hedgerows (to the right) in the photo below.-- Below Right : Memorial to Company Commander 1st Lieutenant Thomas Meehan III.
Above Right : cutaway of a smaller hedgerow. This dense shrub growth of shrubs and other material often contained trees as well (as pictured in photo Above, Top Left). Frequently attaining 5-6' in height, it provided ideal defensive cover for the German army.
Below : Utah Beach - metal hedgehogs and concrete impediments were installed on the beach and surrounding area to deter landing forces.
Above Right : guide Nigel Stewart points out the angle of sweep of a gun emplacement on Utah Beach.
Below : located 13 miles west of Omaha Beach, Utah Beach was less fortified, because the Germans felt the deliberately flooded marshes between the two beaches and behind Utah Beach would discourage it as a potential landing area.-- Bottom : the museum at Utah Beach has many landing craft staged outside, including an LCVP, the 36' wooden "Higgins Boat" (Bottom Left).
Below, Left & Center : relatives write dedications to those who fought in battle, in the small cafe that sits above former German (then U.S.) bunker.
Travelogue : England & France - 2005
Normandy Photo Journal : -1 2 3 4 5 -next >>

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