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"...Everytime I read your notes from one of your trips, I find myself checking airline and lodging prices immediately thereafter."
- comments rec'd for the
Napa-Sonoma Tour - Mar '04
- W.H., on westcoastwine.net


" Another great writeup .... It'll be the tour book for my next trip to the area."
- comments rec'd for the
Central Coast Tour - Nov '03
- B.D., on westcoastwine.net


"... thanks to you, I now know how to remove a wine label from the bottle.
Now, if only I could do the same for all those license plate registration stickers on my license plate that have built up over the years."
T.W., San Luis Obispo

"... incredible!"
"...worth waiting for!"
"...awesome dude!!"
"...fabulous impressions."
- comments rec'd for the
'03 Hospice du Rhone report
on westcoastwine.net


"I am SO
impressed with your site...one of the most readable, logical, informative sites I've ever come across, on ANY subject. I certainly hope you do this
for a living...."
- ANA, aol.com

"Your tours are among the top things I ever see/read about on wine."
- M.T., on westcoastwine.net
"The new layout of your site is just simply awesome. The look and feel and ease of navigation are all top notch. I also love the way you have included maps and pictures with your touring notes as it gives the reader a sense of being there with you. It is also great to be able to place faces with names as well as view vineyards and their layout. I will certainly be recommending this site to others.
Bravo and congratulations!!! Your efforts are much appreciated"

- R.W., on westcoastwine.net

Welcome! I figure if you've found this website, you could be as crazy about wine as we are. So, you're probably wondering - is this just another blog? Well, no...and yes. Among other things, Grape-Nutz is a huge repository of wine tasting notes, wine travelogs, and useful tidbits of information - like removing wine labels from bottles. Yet, it's also a blog - of sorts. Grape-Notes is a blog-style update of things like: book reviews, tastings, and other news from the world of wine.

Obviously, the building and maintenance of Grape-Nutz is a labor of love. Thankfully, we have a plenty of eager contributors who love the subject as well.

Eric Anderson became interested in wine in the early '80s - just in time to get into the '82 vintage from Bordeaux. Over the next several years, he visited lots of wineries and met with a number of winemakers and/or proprietors - all in an effort to learn more about wine. By the mid-'90s, his substantial collection of tasting notes and photos led to creating a website devoted to wine. The name Grape-Nutz seemed natural.

Tom Hill contributes his tasting notes on a regular basis. In addition, Grape-Nutz is also host to Tom's impressive archive of tasting notes, from 1996 onward. Tom's been tasting wines seriously since the 1970s (though his friends might say it was the 1870s), and his body of work and bank of knowledge is tremendous.

Ken Zinns hails from the Bay Area, and contributes his touring and tasting notes from his travels through the many California wine regions. When Ken's not at his "day job" as an architect, he's probably off making wine with a couple of smaller producers, Eno Wines and Harrington Wines. The knowledge gained from actually making wine puts Ken in the enviable postion to discuss plenty of issues directly with winemakers, as he frequently does on his visits.

Al Osterheld lives and works in Livermore, CA. Scientist, winemaker, and winetaster, Al frequents most of the Bay Area tastings and beyond, with pen and notebook in his critical hand. Al has been on the trail with the Grape-Nutz crew for over 10 yrs, compiling a tome of tasting notes.

Steve Christle's appreciation for wine began in the 80's when introduced to some of the premier Napa Cabs of the day, and soon he was exploring different varietals and wine producing regions. He discovered the French Rhone and Bordeaux regions and became an enthusiastic fan. For the last 12 years, he has tasted extensively throughout California, and has volunteered at several Central Coast wineries. Steve even makes a half barrel of Syrah every year from west-side Paso Robles fruit!

Paul Lin is an academic, so he really loves to analyze a wine in detail.  After being bitten by the wine bug during graduate school, Paul embarked on his wine journey out of a sense of intellectual curiosity and romantic self-indulgence.  In fact, he's turned his sights from simply drinking and writing about wine to actually making the stuff, and produced his first barrel of Pinot Noir in 2007 from grapes from the Sonoma Coast.

The individual opinions expressed here in Grape-Nutz are our own, and as such are obviously subjective. So, please feel free to e-mail us with comments, questions and feedback - positive or otherwise. We hope you enjoy your visit here, and please come back frequently to check out the "What's New" page.


Eric Anderson
Irvine, CA

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